Crap….I forgot about this thing. I have not been playing with my bl(ah)og much. Other projects have been filling my days. The movie is coming along. Unfortunately I got a hair cut two days ago and it was cut TOO short. So I need to wait a week or so for it to get to the length needed.

I will be in my trailer.

I will hopefully have the film in the can before I leave to D.C. in two weeks to check in with my counterpart (Tad Hayworth).

Crap….I forgot to call him last night. Sorry Tad!!!!

I just found out I passed my background check and will be getting a GRAND tour of the White House. I asked to play checkers with Dubya but have not received confirmation on that yet. Other than that, I will be hitting all the tourist attractions again. I have received a few emails from readers in D.C. asking for a get together. If anyone else in interested, email me ([email protected]) and we can working something out.

Our other projects are expanding and are saturating our efforts across the board. Currently we are accepting (a few) new writers for Broken Newz. If you are interested, email at that address above. Probably a writing sample would be good(er).

I am also looking for a few site upgrades. My admin is busy with new projects and instead of putting BN on a list, perhaps a reader out there might have the skills needed.

Again….address above.