My mind has been mush for the last month as I prepare for a pretty big move in my life.

The East Coast.

I have lived out West my whole life. California….Nevada….Utah….Idaho……Even a FUN summer in Arizona (Thanks Ed). It’s my comfort zone. I know the walk, the talk and when to flip off other drivers. I’m a pro.

Next week we begin production on our new show with Turner (TBS). This of course requires me to replant my butt in Atlanta Georgia. It’s not a bad place, just need to remember to order ‘un-sweeten tea’ from now on…..other than that….just a more humidity than I can remember and I need to learn to love Chic-filet.

I am sitting in my local Starbucks gathering my thoughts. This could be my last visit to my local safety-watering-hole. This weekend, I am gone. But it’s by far my best visit, I should be paying a cover charge for this visit….best entertainment evar!!!

The guy two tables over is trying to sell crazy…..but it’s actually working! He has seemed to convince 4 or so people he can control the universe, and is selling his secret. He also has a spray on vitamin that can calm women down, in case anyone is interested.

Fortunate for everyone here, he is speaking loud enough to catch every one’s attention. I keep hearing that he can control his surrounding and that he has not been required to use a bathroom for over a month due to this. Is he selling butt plugs?

As I write this, he is trying to get my attention, I am doing my best to keep looking at my laptop and emphasise I have headphones on (Alice in Chains was calling my name). Not that they are stopping me from hearing his ramblings.

Ah… be insane and worry free!

As for my site (the one you are on now), I have not been doing a very good job updating it….as you can tell. I am most likely going to slow down on some stories for the next two weeks and work hard on my blog….a lot of readers seem more interested in the show, than the articles (bastards). So I will do a mixture of both. I will try to update the blog every other day…..even as I am on the move…cause I care. You can also keep up on Joe’s blog ( and see what we are up to.

More to come….xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxochoooooo