We’re at it again. 60 horror movies in 60 days. Which is a bit difficult since we got a very late start from our trip to LA for the Premiere of our film TV in Bed. But we’re catching up.

This year we’re going off recommendations. Which is good, and bad. We’re learning that not everyone knows exactly what a horror film is. But that’s okay because we’re finding some gems. Here’s where we are so far.

  1. Hereditary. This was a no-brainer and a great way to start off the season. I had seen this in the theater. This was Tonya’s first time. There are moments in this film that still live rent-free in my brain. This time, they signed new leases with no plans on ever leaving.
  2. Sorry About The Demon. Horror comedy, which I’m never against. However, it has to find a balance. This one didn’t. It went from crazy campy to trying to be scary. Never at the same time. I feel as it was cast by the filmmaker putting their friends in roles and giving them little direction. Decent production value and others will probably enjoy it more than I did.
  3. Dead Zone. Another of my favorite horror films that Tonya had never seen. Each time I watch it, I love it even more. Christopher Walken was so great in this, as well as the rest of the cast. Thanks, Mr. King.
  4. Summer of 84. Simple formula of trying to connect to the viewer’s youth. Group of kids in the 80’s against a killer who you figure out who it is in the first bits of the film. It was fun but probably won’t watch it again.
  5. Vicious Fun. So much potential destroyed by lazy filmmaking. A self-help group for serial killers get an expected guest. A less-than-average guy who ends up defeating them with the help of a hot girl looking for vengeance.
  6. Alone. I’m not a giant fan of introducing the killer, then STILL making you wonder if he’s really the killer. But, this was entertaining and well done. A few good cinematic shots kept me going.
  7. I Know What You Did Last Summer. It been since the release since I’ve seen it. It’s exactly what I remembered. In the 90s we had a flood of films attractive teens being murdered one by one, setting up sequels… and this definitely was one of them.
  8. Night of the Living Dead. Tonya’s first time seeing it. She loved it but we both couldn’t help but MST3king the whole movie. Such a classic.
  9. Crimes of the Future. It was recommended. Visually engaging but by no means a horror film. If anyone could explain to me what the plot was, I’d truly appreciate it.
  10. Mad God. Holy fuck, I truly loved this. LOVE LOVE LOVED it. 30 years in the making and worth every second.