During the pandemic, I shot two feature films. It was either really dumb or really ambitious. I’m hoping for the latter. In 2016 I started filming a mockumentary about a reality show surrounding a bunch of mystery hunters. I pieced it together, knew I needed to shoot the ending, and watched life take over. 5 years later, it was no close to being complete.


Years later my producer asked me if I had an idea for my next film. I didn’t. Of course, I had a pile of scripts and several ideas in my head, but nothing that was ready to be filmed in the next few months. So I brought up the idea of using my reality show parody, and writing a film around it. She got on the phone with actor Rick Cosnett who heard the idea and immediately said yes. That gave me just a few weeks to write a script and finish the rest of the film. As of last week, I did.


TV in Bed is now complete(ish) and off to post-production. I won’t pretend that this isn’t the thing I’m most proud of. It’s also the weirdest thing I’ve ever done.  In the next few weeks, it’ll be back into my hands and off to festivals. From there, who knows?


What’s next? My first feature-length horror comedy called Ghoulfish.  Zombie goldfish seeking revenge 25 years later. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.