I grew up in front of the Television. Sadly it’s still how I operate today. Even as I write this, I have a Netflix show airing on my screen. It’s a true-crime documentary I’m catching pieces of. I’ll get just enough to not be shocked when they show me who killed them at the end. TV often is white-noise. But sometimes it sucks me in and dazzles my eyeballs. I’ve been watching the great stuff which I’m about to blatantly list knowing you’ve probably already seen it. But maybe, just maybe I’m introduce you to something new. Also, these aren’t in any specific order as I love all my binges equally.

  1. Ozark – The entire cast was amazing but Julia Garner needs to be in every new show, forever.
  2. Peacemaker – I didn’t want to love John Cena, but now I do. I give credit to James Gunn for actually putting in a writing effort into a silly superhero production.
  3. The Boys – The best satire on society in a billion years. The subtle messages thrown into graphic scenes gives smiling cringes.
  4. Only Murders in the Building – See how far you get into episode 7 before you realize that as engaged as you are, no one said a single word. Incredibly great and I want Martin Short to live in my bedroom.
  5. Severance – I’ve always been a fan of Ben Stiller as a director. The Cable Guy was ahead of its time. I love Severance dearly and not only because my talented friend Ethan acts in it.
  6. Succession – Because it’s SO DAMN GOOD!
  7. Better Call Saul – Not sure it would have made the list if they didn’t nail what we’ve seen so far of the last season. It honestly shouldn’t be as good as it is… but… yeah.
  8. What We Do in the Shadows – The film it’s based on, is perfect. So to keep up the same comedy standards, kick ass.
  9. This might get pushback but I Think You Should Leave Now is the comedy we all needed. Prove me wrong.
  10. Coming up with one more is a bit of work as there are many shows I watched, but wondering if they make the list. The Witcher was fun but I stopped caring about the story line. I love Yellowjackets but oddly never finished it. I wanted to love Kenobi, Book of Boba Fett and Mandalorian but my love for Star Wars and my hatred for lazy story telling are still fighting this battle in my head. I admire what b is doing but it’s not engaging me episode to episode. Marvel stuff is fun like a cat to a laser pointer but even felines give up after a while. Handmaid’s Tale should be far less episodes. There have been also a few single season shows I’ve watched, and really like but not sure they could make the list. I’m sure in 3 months time I’ll feel different about this list. I’ll either find new shows or hate the directions of the ones I’ve mentioned, but I’m just glad out of my 198 paid streaming services, I’m going to keep getting fed groovy things to watch.