I just finished principal photography on my second film of 2021. Seems odd to be so eager during a pandemic, but it all seemed to work out. 

TV in Bed was a work in progress going back 5 years. in 2016 I was filming a mockumentary about a group of TV myth finders, and due to life, never finished it. This year I came up with a solution to finish it, and a few months later, did. 

The film stars Rick Cosnett and Chelsea Klikunas. Rick you might recognize from the Flash, Vampire Diaries. Chelsea was the star of my last film Fugued Up. They are both crazy talented and amazing to work with. 

I need to sleep for a month before I think about my next film, but these two should have public eyeballs on the soon.  Also, thanks to my amazing friend Brooke Burton for the behind the scene photos.