It’s been a while since I owned a dog. The last time I felt like a true dog owner, I was 22 and just adopted a yellow lab named Basia. I didn’t know that over those next 13 years I’d have a best friend, nanny to my kids and a girl that I still swell up today talking about. 
I never thought I’d connect with another dog that way again. 
Over the last few years I made mild attempts at dog ownership. I’d see a few rescues here and there. I’d reach out to the owners with questions but far before I was ready to pull the trigger, they’d already have new homes. I’m a firm believer in “if it’s meant to be, it’ll happen.”
Earlier 2021 I saw a Facebook posts highlighting 6 Border Collie/Blue Heelers that had been rescued from a breeding farm. The details were vague but I learned fences were broke and breeds were entangled. These 6 girls weren’t meant to be and now needed a home. Also, the farm had been shut down. 
I did my normal message of “are they still available?” and over the next few days heard nothing. After almost a week I got a short “yes they are!” message in return. 
I went a little deeper in looking over the 6 girl pups. Each had their own look. A few leaned towards Heeler, others very Collie. There was one that really stood out, her face was half black, the other side white. She seemed imperfect which was a trait I loved in everything in my life. I asked to see them and learned quickly these rescuers were on a 4 day response time. I was about to give up. 
At the end of the second week of hit and miss conversations, I got a message saying “they are available tomorrow if you want to come see them.” 
Holy crap! I can get one of these dogs!!! I asked a time and they uncharacteristically immediately responded with “come at 3:30, everyone else is coming at 4.” It looks like I was getting first pick. 
The next day I headed the whole 7 block route to the pups and was introduced to 4 sleeping beauties in a fenced off portion of the backyard. I learned 2 already had homes as a few of their friends got in early. The girl I had my eye on was still there. Half-face. She let them out and I began to socialize with the sleepy pups. 
One came up to me right away. She was a picture-perfect Border Collie. Almost too perfect. She was friendly and I learned from her caretakers that she was very smart. She was the girl who learned how to get treats out of the bag. How to get out of their pen. That sleeping on the couch was more comfortable than the floor. 
I was warned she’d be a clever one. I gave her a bit of love, then went back to Half-face. Half-face was shy and still very sleepy. After a few treats she was ready to go back to bed. Perfect face, still right in my face. I played with her a bit and noticed she wasn’t as perfect as I thought. She had a white on the top of her ear. It was pretty easy to spot as she wouldn’t leave me alone. She was offering kisses and cuddles. She was climbing on my lap and finding a comfortable spot to lay down. 
I had just realized that I wasn’t there to pick a puppy, I was there for a puppy to pick me. 
She picked me. 
During this time I was Facetiming with my girlfriend, Tonya, to show her the choices. White-ear was all she could see as she kept hogging the camera. I told her I was getting this girl, and she agreed. 
10 minutes later I was walking out the door with a bag of food, a blanket, and an imperfect collie who picked me as her new owner. We found each other, and this time it was meant to be. 
Over the last 7 months, this girl has been by my side daily. At home, at work, on walks, on patios with friends. She’s truly my best friend and has proved to me I can whole-heartedly love a pooch like Basia again. 
Thanks for picking me Tracker. You’re pretty neat.