Halloween is on a Sunday. So most of us will have been partied out via Saturday night. So what to do while handing out that candy and nursing your hangover? Scary movies of course. Oh hell yeah there are a trillion and seven horror movies out there to choose from, but you can’t just watch ANY scary movie on the night of nights to watch them… so you must choose… wisely.

OMG you’re thinking… what if I pick the wrong flicks and destroy my whole freaking night?

No fear, I’ve got your back. Here are 10 movies that if you just happen to watch ONE of them, you’ll want to give me all your candy corn. Which I will eat btw.

There are in no order except I put them in this order… so yeah, there’s that.

10. Evil Dead 2

So you’re all like “Hey Bill, I didn’t see the first one! While I get it?” 2 is basically a better 1. Both have Bruce Campbell and will swallow your soul, so you’re good. You’re gonna wanna watch Army of Darkness right after. Did I mention Bruce Campbell?

9. Shawn of the Dead

Who doesn’t love zombies? If you’re going to watch one zombie flick that George Romero didn’t touch with his golden thumb, make it this one. I’m a huge Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg fan (Spaced) and you should be too so watch this. I’m not kidding.

8. Poltergeist

Oh sure, you’re all like “Hey Bill, this is like the Disney of horror films.” but I don’t respond to sassing and I will defend this film until my dying by an angry ghost day. Dead people in a pool? Angry clown doll? Get out baby! BTW… shame on them for the next two films. Ignore them.

7. Let The Right One In

This isn’t the shitty US remake, this is the original Swedish awesomatic film. Subtitled? Sure… but you can’t subtitle blood and fangs. so there’s that.

6. An American Werewolf In London

No way this is not just about the most incredible werewolf film ever made. It also rewrote the way Oscars do Oscars. This is why most people don’t stray off the path.

5. The Shining

Do I even need to explain this one? It was the second movie I bought on BluRay, The Usual Suspects being the first. From there it’s all a DVD blur. Oh yes, I understand this isn’t the original trailer, but how can I not share this gem.

4. Pyscho

“Oh Bill, it’s a black and white and old and stuff.” Shut up now. I’m not listening to you. It’s a classic and Alfred Hitchock was a horror God. Wow… I sound like a fanboy. Either way, it’s amazing and should be in your horror DNA.

3. Return Of The Living Dead

So imagine Night of the Living Dead took place in the 80s and had no standards. This is a campy classic and must be viewed. If not for the scare factor, just to remember why we’re so happy the 80s are over.

2. They Live

So you’re thinking that your Halloween needs a bowl full of campy movie lines. Well, this sucker brings it. Sure it’s not so much monsters but aliens… but that is no matter my friend. It’s still a big chunk of cheese.

1. Halloween

You really didn’t think I’d leave out Halloween movie of all Halloween movies? Hence the title. If you’re not watching this then it must be Christmas (I don’t know what that means).