Although I’ve been unblessed with a horrific singing voice, it has not restricted me from singing loudly throughout my days. Showering, driving, cooking, bothering those around me. I always seem to find time in my day to be musically boisterous. With all this singing, I don’t always have time to learn the words to the songs so I tend come up with the lyrics that I hear in my head. After time, I just assume I’m right. Although there is always that day when someone says “What did you just sing?” This is the point when I sadly realize I am wrong. This seems to happen more often than I’d like and even more the songs I sing the most. Which songs are they? Here are the top 5 songs I was singing incorrectly.

5. Blinded by the Light – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band: I never questioned why you’d rev up a douche in the middle of the night. But how does make less sense than “Revved up like a deuce, another runner in the night”? Who was higher? Me when I heard it or them when they wrote it?

4. Hold On Loosely – .38 Special: Apparently no one is concerned that Lucy might just let go.

3. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme – Simon and Garfunkel: For a few years I swore that someone partly saved a girl named Rosemary, and they did it on time.

2. The Joker – Steve Miller: Sadly this was a VERY recent discovery. A year ago I was driving around with my friend Elizabeth when The Joker began to play in the car. A smile hit my face when I realized I could show off a bit while singing a classic which I proudly knew all the words to. This was a short lived victory when Elizabeth quickly asked me why if someone liked your beaches, would they be shaking your tree?

1. Little Red Corvette – Prince: A 13 year old running down the hall singing “Pay The Rent Come On Babe, Wahooooo!” in front of his older sister is bound for a lifetime of to torment and reminders that a Corvette is a much better focus to a song instead of a trip to your landlord. My point is how are you supposed to afford housing when you drive such an expensive car?