For the first time since we have begun our daily updates, Broken Newz skipped an update. But not just one, a whole week of updates. The reason is, I was moving. So it was a great excuse to give everyone a week off.

But what a horrid move it was. I wanted to ease my pain of moving, so I hired movers. I figured this would simplify my life and give me more time to worry about other items. I am only moving 45 miles north. More mountains, less heat. So this move should be short and sweet.

Movers come, tell me they have a 35 ft trailer. Well, it was…on top. The actual floor was 15 ft less. They counted the cab over. So it seemed all my stuff DID NOT FIT. Not only that, they had scheduled another moving job later that day so they were in a bit of a hurry. Because of this, once they realized they could not take everything, they did not bother to completely load their trailer….much was left behind.

They arrived at my new house. Here was a nice shocker, the carpet guys had not finished, and the house was a mix of plywood, foaming and loose carpet for flooring. Therefore, the movers had to put everything in the garage. There goes my dream of not moving anything. They left, offered to bring the rest of my stuff up later for the price of another trip. I said no thanks. I decided it would be easier to borrow a friend’s truck.

That night I slept on the floor, it was like camping…but sucky.

Prior to the move, I called up Qwest to have my phone number changed and DSL at my home when I arrived. They said “no problem, it will be ready when you arrived.” I arrived, no DSL. I called up; it turned out DSL is not available in my area yet. How nice of them to research it since I expressed I REALLY needed it when I arrive. I was at a loss. I had a cable modem before with Charter but they are not available here yet. I was told that a company called Bresnan offered cable internet, so I called. No problem I hear again. Someone will be there tomorrow. I was not home, but made sure I had a live body at my house when they arrived. I came home to find a cable coming through the door leading to my garage, connected to a cable box sitting on my dryer, connecting to my TV. If I wanted to watch television, the door leading to my garage needed to be open. That is purdy professional I guess. I called again asking to have that fixed. I also asked why my internet was not working. It seemed he did not have time to work on that. I guess he was too busy installing cable in my laundry room.

He comes back. Seemed shocked I did not like his set up. Assured me my cable internet would be working when he left….he left….was not working. I was segments of internet. 30 seconds up…..2 minutes down. A tech support agent had me check my computer as if I was 5 years old. I told him I had a good idea of what I was doing and please just send someone over. Today, I am going to see the cable guy again. His third time….he must like me. So far I am really unimpressed with Bresnan, the cable quality is horrid. The channel set up makes no sense and I think they work banker’s hours.

There, I have whined enough