Apparently Spike Lee has confused President Bush with the Clintons when he said he was ‘Surprised’ that Bush administration hasn’t killed Michael Moore. Spike Lee has been at the base of other outlandish accusation such as the claims that he and Denzel Washington was ‘dissed’ by the academy awards for Malcolm X because he was black. Of course this was partial rectified (if you feel it needed to be rectified) as Denzel finally won the best actor award.

But my point here is….

If you are an actor/celebrity/whatever in the public eye, obviously people are going to listen. Whether you publish a cookbook, or talk about the evil in the Whitehouse. Use some common sense, for people will believe your stupidity. Wil Wheaton has a blog which he often posts his distaste for the current administration. His long list of webfans take his word for gold. Yet most are uneducated in politics, so they look to him to set their own worldly opinion. Now they are armed with only ideas and no knowledge. Very scary.

Popularity among the mass is a tool others should use wisely. Just remember, no matter how lame or outlandish your words may be, people are going to listen.

And watch out Michael Moore, Bush and Rummie might just be popping a cap in your ass.