I guess they don’t make lunch boxes like they used to huh? What happened to my Scooby Doo? I played around online and came up with a group of pretty odd lunch boxes.

9. Devil Girls (Dark Horse)

Robert Crumb’s warped mind can now help mold the minds of your children. If your kids aren’t sexual neurotic before lunch time, they will be after checking out this lunch box. They will keep on truckin’ as they keep on snackin’.

8. Get Your Own Lunch Box Bitch (Janmstore)

Let’s be honest, no one likes to share. Whatever the other person is eating is always better. It’s just the law of the cafeteria. What better way to say ‘back off and eat your own food’ than a lunch box that let’s them know You’re An Angry Little Girl.

7. Bacon! (Stupid.com)

Everything is better with bacon, it’s been proven by science. Then how can you make your crappy lunch for little Tommy better? Surround the whole thing in metallic, painted bacon. Sure it won’t TASTE better in reality, but maybe he’s dumb enough to actually believe it.

6. My First Cocktail (Nerds Approved)

No better way to show your children the evils of drinking then by the constant reminder of alcoholism. This lunch box shows just how uncool you can be by drinking, yet just how cool you can be by carrying this lunch box around.

5. Ouija Lunchbox (Random Anything)

Talk to the dead while eating your pudding, lunch time has NEVER been so much fun. Who knows, you just might get a few test answers too!

4. The Last Supper (Lunchboxes)

Hey Mom and Dad, ever wonder why little Sally doesn’t have any friends at school? It’s because her whole class thinks she a certified zealot. You’re going to wind her up so much that by the age of 16 she will be the class whore and sleeping with her Geometry teacher to assure that B- she promised you.

3. Lunch Box Trailers (Z-Recommends)

The perfect accessory for that trailer trash. Nothing says your home is mobile than carrying around a replica with ketchup sandwiches in it.

2. NES Lunchbox (Nerd Nirvana)

What will you do with that old NES now that it hasn’t worked in 3 years? How about putting your lunch in it. Wait and see what they do with that old Chevy Nova in the backyard, looks like someone is getting a hot tub!

1. Just Plain Mean (Lunchboxes)

How do you teach kids just how difficult life is? Get them a lunch box that shows them what they can expect everyday for the rest of their life. How do you add to the statement? Don’t put anything in their lunch. Get them used to disappointment as well.