Here is the story of my new dog. Saturday I was helping a friend move into a new house. Living in a college town, and moving the weekend before school starts was a bad idea. There was not a U-haul truck to be found. A few 7 am phone calls brought us to a friend who had a trailer, another call connected us to a friend with a van and a hitch. We were a-moving.

The trailer had to be back by 2. Not enough time to get him completely moved but enough to move the big stuff. Upon returning the trailer at 2:45 (what kind of friends are we?) I spotted a little dog tied to a post. My friend walked by and petted the dog, I stayed by the van. I kept watching the dog. It was watching me, not barking……yipping……spazzing out. These are traits I expect from little dogs. It was not the typical little kick me dog.

I walked over. Petted the dog….no spazzing.

My friend took longer than expected. This was fine because I was fascintated with this pooch. When he walked out, I had to ask if he knew who owned the dog. He did not but walked in to ask. Turned out to be the daughter’s dog. The daughter who did not have time for the 9 month old Terrier.

I asked if she was willing to part with her, he said….’I don’t know. She is here…..let’s ask.’

She came out, gave me a story of how she really liked the dog. How it was such a great dog that she could not imagine parting with her.

Apparently she likes $100 more.

I am now an owner.

Guess I need to name her…..any ideas?