It’s hard to admit that you hate new trendy technology. When Facebook first launched I penned all my friends who had a page an instant pedophile. I assumed to have a twitter account you just needed to be a uber narcissist. I even referred to Netflix as an aid to the handicapped. I’m an ignorant snob, I can admit it. But it’s good to know I’m not alone.

My friend Matt today asked if I used Foursquare. I was familiar with it but I figured it was for those who were highly insured and wished to be robbed weekly. I quickly noticed he blogged about his experience and wrapped up his acceptance of new technology is 6 steps. The same 6 I was not aware I was following.

Here is Matt’s process:

1) Find out what it does and how
2) Give my general disapproval
3) Mock people who use it mercilessly
4) Forget about it
5) Hear about it again a year or two later
6) Start using it

I think I was at stage 4 with Foursquare with this conversation with him today I just entered stage 5. Stage 6 is TBD.