Today I discovered two of my favorite flavors are coming together. This is like peanut butter and bananas or beer and anything else, HBO teased a new show.

You’ve combined Chris O’Dowd, in a new HBO mockumentary series, Family Tree and put the talent of Christopher Guest and all his minons behind it. You’re going to offer a whole new awesomatic series and pretend you’re still living in 2004. So again I make this plea.

Please look at the calendar, look at your demographics and please start offering HBO GO to the millions of people… just like me… who refuse to be reamed in the by cable companies ever again.

There are many of us who are living a happy life watching our favorite shows online. Netflix and Hulu have been very good to us. New episodes of Mad Men made me giddy this week. Tonight I’m going to catch up on Hell’s Kitchen and be a happy little camper. But it’s a restricted happy camper life. As restricted as it can be with illegal technology. By restricted I mean waiting for friends to give me the pirated copies of Game of Thrones the day after they air. Going to a friends house who liberated Boardwalk Empire off the interwebz. People just like me unwilling to pay a dime for cable, cable being an almost dead technology.

But what we would be willing to pay for is a monthly fee for your shows… allowing us to have HBO GO… anytime we want… online. How can you lose?

So HBO, though you won’t actually read this… I will send my mental vibes and goodness your way. Open your hearts, open your minds, open your reach. Allow HBO GO… to the world.