Two distinct social groups, but can you always tell them apart? Test your Hipster and Douchebag knowledge.
Hipster or Douchebag?

1. Knows they are smarter than you.

2. Knows they are buffer than you.

3. Has enough hair gel on to spackle a medium size house.

4. Doesn’t own a comb or brush.

5. Shelves are full of books they’ve read.

6. Shelves are full of Bruce Lee DVDs.

7. Shops at Abercrombie.

8. Shops at Goodwill.

9. Refreshes with a Redbull.

10. Refreshes with a Vanilla Latte.

11. Often confused for being homosexual.

12. Is a closet homosexual.

13. Wears dark rimmed glasses.

14. Squints.

15. Was beat up in High School.

16. Was the person beating them up in High School.

17. Voted for Obama.

18. Voted?

19. Ate steak for lunch.

20. Snacked on some hummus.

21. Listening to Radiohead on their Ipod.

22. Making up rap lyrics to techno music.

23. Blogging on a Mac

24. Upload pics of themselves to Facebook.

25. Refer to their guy friends as ‘boys’.

26. Has no guy friends.

27. Wears flip flops.

28. Wants to impress you by quoting Thomas Pynchon.

29. Wants to wrestle you in front of their friends.

30. Ironic saying on T-Shirt.

31. Collar popped up.

32. Owned their jeans so long they have holes in them.

33. Purchased their jeans with holes in them.

34. Throws their College name in your face.

35. Can’t find their Community College on a map.

36. You want to punch them with in 30 minutes of meeting them.


Douchebag: 2,3,6,7,9,12,14,16,18,19,22,24,25,29,31,33,35
Hipster: 1,4,5,8,10,11,13,15,17,20,21,23,26,28,30,32,34
Both: 27, 36