I tend to spend a lot of time in Starbucks when writing. For some reason it motivates me. Whether it is the flux of people and their visually entertaining diversity, the change of environment that convinces me I am actually doing something away from hime, or maybe just the coffee. Either way I seem to operate at an acceptable creative speed when sitting in my favorite coffee house.

One thing that thoroughly entertains me is the conversations that take place at the tables within my ear’s reach. From individuals on their bluetooth to people holding business meetings, it always peaks my interested to eavesdrop.

It never fails that there is that one guy who is talking aloud for all to hear. He speak of his connections, his resume and namedrops faster than you can exhale. He is the wanna be Hollywood prick who probably worked sound once on Save By The Bell and now has let everyone know who can hear that he will be the next Spielberg.

The idiot behind me right now is explaining that the movie that he hasn’t even written yet will be 10 times better than Where The Wild Things Grow.

I want to punch his coffee.

Isn’t his lunch break over? Shouldn’t be be clocking back in?