I’ve been spending 2014 with an amazing girl, and two giant dogs. And when I say giant, I mean… two GINORMOUS DOGS. Emilee has two Newfoundlands. Tonka and Tully. They are sweet, loving, and giant.

Did I mention that? The giant part?
Beyond the normal things you’d experience when spending time around two Newfies, things like the amount of space they consume, the drool, the tons of drool, the snoring, the hair and the tons of hair… there’s one thing I didn’t know would be such a giant change. 
The dog walking non-stop interaction. 
I’ve learned that taking them anywhere on a leash gets the same attention George Clooney gets trying to get some yogurt. People love Newfies (And yogurt). 
Last week we grabbed both pups and brought them to a local street fair. It was a hippiefest, the smell of hemp bracelets and crystal health orbs filled the air. We each took a 150 lb Newf by the leash and walk up to see the good. 
Or at least we thought we would. Instead something else immediately began. 
“Can I pet your dogs?”
“Sure.” We respond. 
“What breed?”
“How much do they weight?”
“Are they hot?”
“How much do they eat?”
Questions never seemed to end. Answer… answer… answer. Thank them for petting and move on.
And by move on I mean walk five feet and repeat. Let them pet, answer questions, thank them, walk and repeat. We spent a good 2 hours at the fair and easily had 30 people approach about her dogs. This was not including individuals who walked by throwing out incorrect Newfie trivia to their easily impressed friends. 
“They are Mastiffs”
“They need to be shaved”
“I love hairy Labs”
“Mitt Romney would have been a great President”
People sure do think they know a lot about dogs they know nothing about. 
I love these dogs. They are my buddies and they clearly love me back. Don’t tell my girlfriend but I get just as excited to see them as I do to see her. And they both loved to have their bellies rubbed. But who doesn’t?