Living in LA it’s become the norm to bump into celebrities throughout my days. Once or twice a week I go from seeing A-list actors all the way to “Hey, isn’t that the guy who played blank on blank?”

But I forget that it wasn’t just Hollywood where I had this volume of brushing with celebs. How can I get my pre-LA Celeb-brushes. Not only are they close to my heart… they are the world’s most amazing stories. Here are my top 10 favorites
10. I once gave Michael Keaton directions to good pizza.
9. I held Scott Glenn’s motorcycle for him while he adjusted the carb.
8. I served Chuck Woolery chicken.
7. I danced with Brook Shields for charity.
6. I used to work for Bruce Willis as security in his club.
5. I almost hit Clint Eastwood with my car.
4. I sat behind Merlin Olsen on a plane.
3. I got drunk with the Greg Kihn Band.
2. Ate a burrito with John Travolta.
1. I once looked through Demi Moore’s panties drawer while dripping wet with my friend Jeff.