2024 was the first year I was hired to shoot a movie that wasn’t my own. I wasn’t sure what the experience would be like, but I’m happy to remote it was pretty swell. A writer named Shannon Scruggs came to me with a script and the artist’s desire to create it. 6 months later we were both in Tulsa Oklahoma hitting the record button on the camera.

Why Tulsa? It’s quickly turning into a film nation. State incentives and a vast array of talent are making it a great place to create movies. Not to mention beautiful locations and relatively inexpensive overhead.

I wasn’t just lucky to find new talent, I managed to incorporate some of my existing talented friends. Each of them had never been to Tulsa before, and they left their minds blown by how great it is.

Even better, I brought on my son Austin to run the second camera, and by the end was running the main camera. His shots looked amazing. And since we even just finished teaming up on cameras for another film in Joshua Tree. We managed to have 2 whole days rest between the two.

I’ll update more as I go, but here are a few screenshots.