Back in 2015, I produced a Ghost Hunting Documentary called Ghostumentary. My addiction to the many ghost-hunting shows combined with my disbelief of the paranormal led me on a 9-month quest to find out if ghosts just might exist. I learned a lot during that time. Not so much that ghosts are real, but more so that anything that can’t be explained is quickly labeled paranormal.

Ghostumentary has had a bit of success and introduced me to the ghost-hunting community. Most conversations started with “If you REALLY want to see something haunted… “. I found out that most people have some level of paranormal experiences they just can’t explain. Whether an item or location, it always has a story, and even more so a past.

“This place is haunted because a guy was killed by a bear here in 1892.”

“How do you know?”

“That’s what I was told and at night I can hear the man screaming.”

A quick fact check and I learned these stories generally aren’t true. But even then, their experiences remain.

So 7 years ago I started filming Ghostumentary 2. This round I’m on a different mission. This time I’m looking to see why places are haunted and what causes people to see things paranormal just off a tale.

The good news is, it’s done filming. The bad news is I have about 400 hours of film to piece together to make it an actual film. Then I need to see if that film is actually a film. Though the movie isn’t finished, I can still share some screengrabs to finally get some eyes on a 7 years mission.