I’ve been working on a screenplay which is partially surrounding a man’s desire to grow a really awesome mustache. Admittedly it’s somewhat autobiographic as I have always wanted to grow one myself and have never truly had the opportunity. Perhaps it is the fact that I was only a child in the 70s and pubescent in the 80s so my lack of facial hair only taunted me during the prime time for the acceptable mustache.

I grew one for an video I shot in Atlanta last year but I was forced to shave it right after, which was a shame because it was just reaching maturity.

As of late I’ve been growing a beard for no other reason than just laziness. Yesterday I had a shaving accident while attempting to clean it up which has just reduced it to a goatee. The mustache is still intact. Whew.

On another notel I wrote a web series last year which Fox purchased (the idea, no videos were actually produced) and then decided not to use. I found out this morning that if I desire I can have back my scripts. The videos take place in the 80s and when I originally came up with the idea I was going to play the lead.

Huzzah…. coincidence? I think not!

Looks as if my mustache is a sign from the Tom Selleck Gods. I might get to actually grow this sucker out, and with a purpose.

Look out ladies, my upper lip is going to start getting REALLY sexy.