Occasionally I find a lost episode of Fark TV. After Turner took them down we managed to sneak a few on youtube and sometimes you find one on other sites. My friend Gus found one of my favorites on Funny or Die. It’s called Screwdriver Up The Ass. I loved this one for many reasons. In most part to the making of it which took two tries. We were kicked out of the first court house we were filming in once Sean took his pants off. The second reason was our introduction to actor Aaron Beelner who plays the assistant lawyer and how we didn’t fully explain prior to his arrival exactly what he was going to do at the end of the episode. Once we revealed his role he said “great, let’s do it”. This was one of the most fun and weirdest film days we ever had. Oh, and I was also very Judgelike… it was my best role ever! Well, that week.