I have not been the best as updating my blah(g)…….but does not mean I don’t think about it. Really really. In most part I have been a busy camper. Here is why though I cannot go into complete details

Joe Peacock and myself are now producers…..writers and actors of an upcoming Internet news show. As for the developers of this projects…….can’t say just yet but I can tell you they are biggens. I will tell you it’s not Broken Newz related, but related to a MUCH larger website most of you will know

What can I tell you? By no means will this hinder Broken Newz, as a matter of fact it will probably only increase it’s productivity and funny.

I have been working on the ‘secret project’ for the last two months, it’s in the final stages and I now promise to start showing glimpses of what we are doing with my camera phone….stay tuned…I will reveal more soon

Bill Doty
Patron Saint of Internet Humor