The great thing about Hollywood is it’s the place where dreams come true. Yet they didn’t mention that the dreams could be coma size where they last for years… and years. I only know this due to my totally wicked awesome screenplay that Lions Gate has been hee’ing and haw’ing over for the last year. I was told it was in my best interest to write a ‘throw away’ script that I didn’t care if it was changed or not. So I’ve been writing a little diddy about softball. Super funny of course and the more I worked on it the more I realized I could probably film it myself. I’m surrounded by amazing talent on both sides of the camera and I find I can do almost anything for a dollar… so why not?

No of course this isn’t too amazing since you can walk in any Starbucks in LA and find 5 people trying to film their own movie, the difference here is mine is awesomatic and I have better hair.

So now that I’ve rambled enough. I’m done.