Hey Guys, I’ve started pre-production on a documentary about an amazing friend. One of those people you know who had everything, lost everything, got it back due to an odd turn of events and ended up becoming an aging cage fighter. Here’s your chance to become a Hollywood producer. For a donation of $20 you’ll be a producer of the film, given a real live credit in the film. Even an IMDB credit. For a donation of $100 or more you’ll be given a big ass producer credit at the end and a production shirt with ‘producer’ added and your name. Wouldn’t it feel good to help a film maker get his totally awesomatic film made? I’m using my own funds for 50% of the project and am relying on the kindness of my internet friends for the rest. Then you’re all invited with me to the Oscars! I’ve added a paypal button to make it happen. So, make it happen.