So I was sitting in a parking garage today wasting some time before a meeting and I let my mind wander. Horrible things usually happen when I let it go wild but today, it feel it didn’t let me down. I came up with the greatest practical joke ever!

So you start off by going online and talking to a young girl with a fake name. Of course when I say young I mean around 15. Start talking sexy with her and see if she’s up for a little sex. She’s on the internet so she probably is. After she is a go, ask her for her address and tell her you’ll see her in a little bit.

The next step is call up a buddy. A really good buddy. Tell him you’re all meeting for poker and he’s supposed to show up and bring some Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Then give him that address.

Next thing you know he is face to face with Chris Hansen from Dateline and everyone is laughing. The best part is he gets to be on TV.

Hilarity ensues.

Try it on your friends, it’s fun!