Watching FOX News is funny enough on its own, but occasionally people make it funnier. How funny? Well, this funny.

5. If FOX News Owned Disney
Imagine if your favorite Disney films got a little bias, they’d look a lot like this

4. SNL – FOX and Friends 
This isn’t SNL’s only parody of the FOX News team, but it’s one of my favorites.


3. Mad TV – FOX News 
FOX New is almost a parody of itself. All you really need to do is replicate what you normally see there and you’re set. I do miss Mad TV

2. Glenn Back Freaks Out REMIX 
Something tells me this is a lot like what he hears all day long in his head

1. Family Guy – Behind FOX News 
Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at FOX News? The Family Guy gives you a little insight.