Learning Atlanta’s food choices has been one of the better parts of my recent move. I am discovering all sorts of new cuisine. I think last night may have been one of my favorites discoveries. I had never heard of Taco Mac, nor really had a desire to try it due to it’s unclever name. But it was that or Ruby Tuesday last night… so.

It was beer heaven, they had over 100 beers on tap. Oh yeah… and some food. But did I mention over a 100 beers on tap? I had a Red Hook ESB last night, which I had not had since I moved from Idaho 5 years ago. Man o’ man did that bring back some memories. Billy likey.

Oh yeah, as for the show… Production has takening off smoothly. We have created some great premises and start actual shooting Monday. I will be posting some photos.

I am hoping next week we can release the actually info for the site.