I made it to Atlanta and in most part I am moved it. Had to buy a new fridge, couch, um…everything. Divorced guys don’t have much do they?

About the time I landed my sites database went down. Nice little surprise, a better surprise was to find out that my host’s support is kind of a ‘banking hours’ team and told me Monday it might be back up, and it was unfortunate it went down on a weekend. M6.net is the WORST host you can ever use, I beg any of you TO STAY AWAY FROM THEM!!!!

As for Casey Jones? Well, it turns out a train, or a multitude of trains, go a quarter mile or so near my house at all hours of the night. They let me know this by blowing their horn every 3 seconds. It’s a treat!

I am getting my notes together for a ‘Starbucks’ meeting in two hours as we trying to punch out some production and prepare for our January launch. I will be including some pics as we go along. Hopefully Broken Newz stories will be back later today