Google does one thing great.


When it comes to that, it nails it. Even with its geeky algorithms and page ranking punishments that sometimes completely wipes a listing from the web with no explanation or communication, it’s still a great search engine.

Even with its ads slowly blending into search results…

… or their inability to truly know porn from non-porn.

Wait.. I’m getting off track here. Anyhow, I use Google and I can kinda assume I always will. Even when they play little tricks like this-

I have two Google mail accounts. My first being my name [email protected]. Obviously I was the first Bill Doty to get a gmail account and I quickly snagged the name. In fact, I was one of the first people I know to have a gmail account. I was pretty fucking big back then.

My other is off my domain, [email protected], which I run via the Google Exchange server. I forward my original emails there, slowly weening myself from my original gmail email. Both are accessed through Gmail, just two different logins.

When Google+ came along I quickly snagged one of those up too. Sure I fell for the Google Twitter clone and all the other knockoffs… but what if this time Google actually pulled it off. Actually competed with Facebook. So with high hopes, I did it, and I log into it now about every 6 months just to see changes, disgust… and done. It’s also off my [email protected] account which there is never a reason to log into.

My email has no Google+ account. I don’t need two unused social media accounts. That’s just silly.

Now, when writing this I reminisce about the YouTube/Gmail account mess with made me actually close one of my YouTube accounts because I had no Gmail account to link it to. I was annoyed, didn’t get it but figured Google was just being a dick about things. I’ve been married before and I understand what it’s like to be told things that make no sense.

Now of course Google has decided you’re not allowed to comment on YouTube videos until you’re a Google+’er…. so my YouTube commenting days are over unless I feel the need to switch Google accounts back and forth.

Fine, enough is being said across the web, nothing more I can add.

But now there’s THIS shit.

This morning Google said I had two notifications on my account.

Well, that seems weird. Sure, let’s click and see. 

Sign into my Google+ account? Surely they are mistaken. There is no Google+ account associated with this email. Let’s try to sign in.

Well, I’m logged in already… let’s log in again

Google, you’re a dirty little whore. You’re now using sneaky techniques to get people to get a Google+ account. You’re tricking people to THINK they have notifications… making them create an account, only to find out you’re using the old AOL playbook of internet shit-biz-nezz.

So now, every day I’m going to see those nasty notifications…. knowing there’s truly nothing there. And you’re going to make me wonder day after day….

… is Bing really that bad?

UPDATE TIME!@!@!$!!!

So during the Redditing of this article yesterday I noticed a TON of direct traffic from Mountain View, CA. The home of Google. Today I noticed something different when visiting Google.

The notifications are now gone, in fact there isn’t even a spot for them to NOT be there. The bell has disappeared. Also the link to my non-existent Google+ page is gone. 
So I just assumed this was a change across the web, but when I log into my work’s Google account (Which doesn’t have a Google+ page associated with it), all the things I was complaining about were still there. 
So am I to assume someone from Google personally fixed my account? Who knows. Everyone once in a while, someone listens. 
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