8 months ago I got into a horrible fight with a great friend. The friendship tragically ended and I had nothing but feelings of anger towards him. Last night as I was sitting at a patio at a restaurant he walked by, we both locked eyes and didn’t look away. Instinctively I said “Hi”, he stopped and we talked for about 8 seconds before he said “Hold on”, followed by him entering the patio I was at. I stood up and we immediately embraced, mumbled into each other’s shoulders that we were sorry, we missed one another and we both loved each other. After letting go talked like nothing ever happened. I told him a quick, related story about a situation he was attached to, he laughed and then he left. I took a giant breath, I smiled and I felt a foot taller. I realize one of my biggest faults is holding grudges. I also realized how great they are to let go of.

I really hope I can start doing that more.

Side note: Further attempts to contact him made me realize he, unfortunately, is tightly holding on to his grudge.