I’ve gone through many MANY transitions in my life. I’ve been married living in suburbs to a single guy living a block from the ocean in a tiny bungalow. Each time I’ve had my big chunks of happiness and moments of regrets.

I’ve always been a bit of the grass is greener viewer. But I never really knew who had the best lawn.

My lawn, this moment is pretty fucking great.

It took almost half a century to discover that looking at the past, and wishing I could relive it again is blowing every minute that I’m living right now. In a decade I could look back at this moment and realize that this was the best time of my life, and I wasted it focusing on another.

Right now, this second, is the best moment of my life.

Wait, no… this second.

Now this one.


I love my kids, I love my job, I love my tiny 100 year old apartment dead-center of downtown, I love my car I never drive because I live 2 blocks from my job, I love my artistic friends, I love my every-growing record collection, I love that every day I rebuild my life one kitchen utensil at a time, I love all my creative side projects, I love my salt and pepper beard, I love that I can’t throw my old converse away, I love my cardigans, I love my old gaming systems I hardly play anymore, I love that I can make the perfect mixtape for any occasion, I love the stupid Star Wars game I wake up every day and play on my iPhone, I love my 60 year old cameras found film for, I love finding new music and introducing friends to the old stuff, I love the loves I lost and the time I had with them, I love that I never have food in my house and I can eat a handful of Goldfish for dinner, I love my new couch, I love my throne desk chair that my ex hated with a passion, I love binge watching 90s television, I love documentaries on weird murders.

I love the hot Sun on a cold and and realizing I have the perfect life.