A few years ago I was setting up an editing bay at my house. I wanted something comfortable but also kinda unique. Borderline man-room and kids-clubhouse. Just a cool place to hang out and do cool things.

When I buy furniture, it’s seldom conventional or even more so, new. It’s not that I’m cheap, I just like character in my belongings. Even today, when I don’t really need anything, I just get on Craigslist and look around. I might just find that next fun thing.

When I was looking for a chair, I managed to fun across this chair for a nice price of $75.

The overall reception of this chair was either “holy crap, I love it!” or “why did you buy that weird chair?”. Either way, I loved it. 
It’s got a lot of use over the years.  Not only has it been my desk but I’ve used it in photoshoots and film productions. As of late it’s been in a promo I shot for Boise Brewing to promote the upcoming Hoptober Freshtival. 
In October I moved into a new office for the Creative Agency we started. I’ve been buying new furniture and decided to bring my throne chair with me. I then wondered if by chance I could find a matching chair. I wasn’t sure what to look for other than the manufacturer’s name. It was a company called Karpen out of Chicago. They made high-end furniture from 1880-1951. Digging through their catalog I found vast amounts of fancy chairs and eventually found this. 
That’s my chair. My butt has been sitting in a $2,650 chair. No wonder it felt so pretentious. 
So with that, clearly the first thing you think is “I should sell it”. But then, I’d have to to find someone who’d buy it and I don’t feel placing it on Craigslist for 2k is going to have anyone beating down my door. The reality is, I like it. In fact, I love it. This chair and I have been through a lot together and we’re going to keep at it. 
So the next time you’re looking at Craigslist and you see something that looks pretty fricken cool to you, but everyone around you rolls their collective eyes, buy with your heart because you could be finding that next great investment. 
Or just a really bitchen chair.