I’ve been fortunate a bit during lockdown. I have the ability to work remotely, but at the same time my office is a half a block from where I live downtown, so it’s an easy stride of holding my breath and keeping my hands in my pocket. I wish more of my friends were so fortunate.

I learned immediately that when you start your own business, you work 24/7. It’s more so that you just can’t turn your brain off on the company you now consider your baby. I love it, I squeeze it, I name it Senestre.

But with that, I need down time. I need a way to shut off my brain. There are simple solutions. Binge-watching shows (took me 2 days to watch all of Tiger King). Video games are a useful tool (There’s no more places for me to explore in Fallout 4). There’s even sleeping, but I’m a crappy napper. So I’ve turned to art and creativity. That one has been an easy one.

My whole life I’ve been a writer someway or another. From screenplays to commercials. From taglines to print articles. Writing has always been a piece of my life. One thing I’ve never done is write a book. Until now.

Two years ago my whole life flipped upside down due to a group of people who let me live rent free in their brains. It took a year of that just to get my life back. I got it back, and with that a much better one.

But it doesn’t change what they did and the crazy story of how they did it. I told the story to a publisher who expressed his desire to see it written down. So with that, it’s what I’ve been doing during this time. One crazy day at a time, one word at a time. I can’t stop.

As I write now, I almost feel like an outsider to the events. I witness the story from two steps back and wonder what’s going to happen next. As tough as it is to relive each event, it’s matched by its therapeutic value. In a weird way, it’s help me forgive them.

So as I sit in lock-down, as I look out my window to the world as it’s an episode of “Life After People”, I write. I use art to get me through this. I recommend that many of you do the exact same thing. Use this time to create something great.

One day this will be over, you’ll then read my book and smile. One day I’ll look at your art and do the same thing.