Okay, this headline might be a little misleading. I mean in part due to we’re only through half of 2013, and secondly… these are only MY vines. But since Vine doesn’t have a great format for sharing other than mobile I’m forced to embed them on my own blog and be all self-promotish.

A side note. In the Vine vs Instagram short form video battle, I’m still leaning toward Vine. But not for long. Vine seems to be stubborn when it comes to adding FB contacts, in most part because you just can’t do it. Twitter contacts, sure… all day long. But Twitter is fickle with friends and you find you’re mostly following people who interest you and are more likely not on Facebook in the first place. If Vine doesn’t cave and integrate with FB soon it will be all over.

I will point out that I’m still upset that Instagram lost two of my Portland videos during their launch and I’m still being a pouty brat over it. I’m sure they’ve fixed that bug but… I’m a stubborn bitch.

So, here are my favorite BILL DOTY Vines of 2013

Fountain Biking

Shopping for Wallets

Making My Kids Perform

Kitchen Magic

Bowl of Cock

Dogs Out The Window

How To Annoy A Cat

Mayo Commercial

Driving Cat


Bryan Blasting Mexican Music

Oops, A Gay Bar