Last night, as many… well all of you know… was the series finale of Breaking Bad. The first thing you should know is that I won’t be posting any spoilers here. Why? Because I love humanity and their desire for self-discovery.

I, like most people, love to find things out through the roller coaster of emotions it takes to discover them. A great example is nervously watching 5 (really 6) seasons of Breaking Bad to see it all come together at the end. Sit silently for a few months, gather in what you see. They scream “KICK ASS”.

When do you NOT get to do that? When some jack-hole posts the ending 6 seconds after he saw it 5 hours because you get to. Who does this? Well, I had 4 friends do this exact thing last night. over 30 people combined commented in anguish. 6 years ruined by an idiot with a keyboard.

Who doesn’t understand Facebook spoiler etiquette? I see it all the time. TV shows, movies, sports scores, and so on. People have knowledge and feel they need to share it immediately knowing others just don’t want to know yet.

Especially since the birth of the DVR, Hulu, Netfix… etc. People watch when they have time. They don’t run to their TV at 8 to catch Mad Men, they let it run a bit to be able to fast forward through commercials. Or even wait a few days. We can’t be on a schedule anymore dammit!

So please note, if you’re inability to post original content on FB and are reduced to copying dark music lyrics or spoilers… please defriend anyone you know who has a brain, free will… etc. Save them from you moronic nature and Buzzfeed post.

Now… a quick note. The end of Breaking Bad could be the best series finale I’ve ever seen. Congrats to everyone involved. You’ll be missed.